The Board, management and service providers have a dream….. to see all people with disabilities fully included and integrated into our society.



The organization strives, in partnership with their service consumers, to remove all barriers hindering and obstructing the inclusion and integration of people with disabilities into society.


Objectives to realize the mission:

  • To research trends of disability and to purposefully initiate action to PREVENT disability on all levels.

  • To protect and promote the RIGHTS of persons with disabilities in collaboration with, and as directed by them.

  • To EMPOWER people with disabilities by means of a partnership between them and the organisation based on principles of transparency, equal decision making powers and recognition of abilities.

  • To facilitate the establishment of TUITION and EDUCATIONAL facilities, to create EMPLOYMENT opportunities and to maximise open labour market job placement.

  • To negotiate, facilitate and provide MOBILITY resources and ACCESS into structural, environmental, information, educational and social resources.

  • To continuously provide POLICY for effective service rendering, adapting to developing needs and thus ensuring a relevant and effective organisation.

  • To support and enhance EDUCATION and CARE for children and adults with disabilities.          

  • To undertake CARE of people with disabilities by with provision of housing, health and personal care services, rehabilitation and community aid services.

  • To DEVELOP all communities [metropolitan and rural] within the area of jurisdiction with a view of persons with disabilities having access to all resources and facilities in order to compete on an equal level with ordinary persons.

  • To develop service projects and branches in all DISTRICTS of Gauteng North and adjacent areas with a view of enhancing autonomy and self-reliance.

  • To continuously conduct campaigns of AWARENESS of disability and the CHANGING OF NEGATIVE ATTITUDES in order to create a society where people with disabilities can develop into full-fledged citizens.

Looking back into the organization’s history

The organization was founded in June 1941 to assist returning soldiers from WO11 who had suffered physical disabilities. But in 1948 following the polio epidemic, services opened up for children.


At the time, the service area included all of the then Northern Transvaal, necessitating opening of offices in a number of towns. Special schools were founded, residential homes established and protective workshops were opened. The organization was then known as Northern Transvaal Cripple Care with its head office based in Pretoria.


As time went on, the organization in the 1980’s changed its name to The Northern Transvaal Association for the Physically Disabled. When a new dispensation came into being in 1994, it was considered advisable to unbundle offices in three new provinces to self-governance. With more sensitivity for labeling, the organization’s name again changed to Association for People with Disabilities Gauteng North. Serious financial constraints were experienced in this period, forcing the organization to take survival steps.


As a result the organization unbundled its residential homes and protective workshop in Pretoria with a view of becoming independent NPO’s and eventually disaffiliated from the national council. The organization then became known as Gauteng North Service to people with Disabilities in 2007.


In spite of being left with seven staff members following the unbundling in 2000, motivational growth has taken place with ample blessings to deliver a quality service on a daily basis.


Service area

SPD renders social development services in Gauteng North region. Workers move into various Atteridgeville, Lotus Gardens, Bronkhorstspruit, Cullinan, Hammanskraal, Mamelodi, Pretoria and Soshanguve, where offices are accessible to service consumers. The head office remained in Prinshof on the organization’s land in 8 Dr Savage Road.


The organization is governed by 13 elected members representing the service communities, service consumers and applicable expertise.


The organization is governed by 13 elected members representing the service communities, service consumers and applicable expertise.


The office management consists of five managers, two deputy directors and the chief executive officer.


The office management consists of five managers, two deputy directors and the chief executive officer.


Service Providers & Service Consumers

Forty-four full time staff members along with 11 part time employees render this extensive service. Project workers on the premises total 24 at any given time, with 13 residents in the Independent Living Centre and 20 pre-school children in the childcare program.


The caseload of clients being services by social development workers exceeds 900 of which the majority are statutory cases.