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The heart of any charitable organization undoubtedly is the beneficiaries. But the engine of any organization is fundraising: without funds no project or services would be in existence today and at SPD, it is no different.


The organization, as well as the individual projects, engages in regular, often annual fundraising initiatives. One example is the Beeld Children’s Fund Car Competition: the children’s project sells tickets to raise funds for pre-school children with disabilities every year.


The second annual commitment is exhibitions at various shows. Not only do competitions and raffles at these events ensure an assuring income, but is a wonderful opportunity for effective networking and public awareness of disability and the organization.


SPD S’ annual golf day remains a successful, well supported project and truly is a highlight on the fundraising calendar. Much treasure relationships have been established through the golf day and SPD hopes to take this event from strength to strength.


The fundraising management also engages in quarterly jumble sales and is working hard to obtain a legalized hawker’s licence in order to expand this initiative.


SPD currently is in the process of registration with the national My School / My Village Rewards Program. Registration will ensure steady contribution on a regular basis. At the end of the day, general fundraising trends seem to be changing towards a more “passive” type of fundraising: time is an expensive commodity these days and contributors much rather invest financially than committing their time. With social media and technology ruling our world, SPD is excited to experience drastic transformations in the fundraising section every day!

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