Statistics SA last week released an extensive report on persons with disabilities from information gathered during Census 2011.

 The full report (with statistics provided up to district level) can be downloaded by clicking on http://beta2.statssa.gov.za/publications/Report-03-01-59/Report-03-01-592011.pdf  (approx. 7MB in size)

 In 2011, disability prevalence was 7,5% (2,9 million people out of 38 Million )

This however excludes the following categories:

  Population in institutions such as prisons and hospitals and residential care facilities (750 060)

  Transients and the homeless (59 057)

  Data for children below the age of five excluded due to reporting errors (5 668 137 )

  The disability index is calculated based on population that responded on the various disability types.

 Together we move South Africa forward through empowered and inclusive communities that uphold the rights of persons with disabilities to equality, dignity and self-reliance.