"greenABLE, changing the lives of persons with disabilities and creating

    sustainable business that actively contributes to the environment."

Carla Higgs


greenABLE is a non-profit organisation that creates employment and skills development opportunities for people with disabilities, who in turn provide a meaningful contribution the environment.


greenABLE has 3 main initiatives:



Many printer cartridge collection schemes collect empty printer cartridges and remanufacture these cartridges, which are in turn sold for re-use. However, many of these cartridges can't be remanufactured due to damage and therefore require disposal, which means that cartridges end up in landfills around the country. The contents of printer cartridges are deemed hazardous according to SANS 10228. Due to the costly exercise of disposing of these cartridges in a low hazardous rated landfill, many of these cartridges are disposed of incorrectly, causing harm to the environment.


greenABLE offers a revolutionary new solution to this problem. The individual components that make up a printer cartridge are 100% recyclable. The cartridge is cleaned and stripped into its components for recycling, diverting damaged printer cartridges away from landfill and greatly benefiting the environment. To undertake this task, greenABLE employs previously disadvantaged individuals with physical disabilities. This empowers these individuals by not only creating employment, but instilling a capacity to make a meaningful contribution to the environment. This is currently the only initiative of this sort in Africa.


Cartridge Collections Agents

To aid in cartridge collections, greenABLE empowers and enables people with physical disabilities (spinal cord injuries) to start up a cartridge collection satellite business from their own home. Being a collection agent instils business knowledge as well as provides the agent with a sustainable income. This gives the agent the opportunity to be financially independent and make a meaningful contribution to the environment by diverting cartridges from landfill.


Skills development

greenABLE focuses on developing people with disabilities towards reaching their full

potential within the workplace. Up-skilling is a critical aspect for development and   empowerment. greenABLE employees and beneficiaries are provided with educational  opportunities e.g. ABT training (matric equivalent), internships and bursaries.