FUNDRAISING - Gauteng North Services to People with Disabilities



November 2017

A hand that talks to the brain

The effects of Motor Neuron Disease

Early intervention & prevention of disability

Assessment & selection of student social workers

The role of social workers as expert witnesses

Issues in special educationViews of young disabled people on independent livingEntrepreneurship & self employment by disabled peopleIs stuttering a reason for embaresmentSpeech therapy in early childhood developmentFamily planning - a tool to end povertyPublic transport policy for special needs passengersHow to limit dependancy on state grantComputer training & blindness

Criteria for top class process notes

Genetic testing's role to help diagnosis & treatment

Ethics & disclosure of client information

Emotional intelligence & intellectual intelligence

A joint venture with the DSD

The need for protective workshops

Sustainable projects in rural communitiesExpectations for social work supervision