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May 2018

Living below poverty line in SA - Will it ever end?

Causes of genetic disorders

The role of social workers in helping traumatic to cope

Social work intervention in social grants fraud

The mental health impacts of foster care placements

The media & its role in plicing social service deliveryStrategies for adolescents with conduct disordersImpact of domestic violence on childrenImmunological & neurological diseases on PWDSTeaching tolerance to children with disabilitiesMental health & Physical excerciseThe challenges & remedial action for DyspraxiaCognitive therapy for adults with intellectual disabilitiesCriterisa for using animal assisted intervention

Intervention for children with fetal acholhol syndromeCaring for a child with attachment challengesThe impact of disability perception on sportToilet training children with special needsFemicide:  What's in a name?Learning disabilties & the future of our children