Accessibility and mobility is certainly one of the major challenges experienced by persons with disabilities. Lack of, or limited access into structures, education and employment contributes to exclusion. To be able to access, mobility is a pre-requisite. Imagine not be able to see, hear or move and share the same need to participate and belong as all other people.

They all need access & mobility

Because SPD’s service consumers have the right to being mobile and access all levels of society, efforts are made to provide assistive devices. Unfortunately availability of funds determine realization of this service objective.



For people with physical disabilities their assistive device enables them to move about


SPD has a professional accessibility team, in partnership with Reakgona Solutions, to do audits of buildings with a view of providing reasonable accommodation and access to all people with disabilities. To succeed in reaching the employment target of 2.5% for persons with disabilities in state and corporate establishments, the workplace needs to be accessible to all. Steve Biko Hospital, Departments of Trade & Industry, Science & Technology, three UNISA campuses and guest houses are some of the structures audited by SPD’s team.



Ramps to building & reserved parking bays are vital to access