“Little ABLE’s” Children’s Sanctuary


The "Little ABLE's" Children’s Sanctuary strives to provide quality services to 20 pre-school children with severe mental- and/or physical disabilities. An intensive, specialized cognitive-and physical stimulation program is followed to enable these children to achieve their maximum development potential.


The main objective of the project is to provide children with disabilities (and limited means) the opportunity of stimulation and education, from which they have previously been excluded from. This project identified the need there was to expose these little ones to stimulation before declaring them unfit for educational systems. The results are astonishing: not only do most of these children respond positively to their intensive stimulation programs, but they develop physically & mentally beyond expectation. Annually, at least five –six candidates qualify for schooling at local special schools – a statistic that surprises management and parents time and again. Once again it is proven that power often lies in opportunity...



The project’s vision is underpinned by a set of shared values which reflect a belief that all children:

  • Have the right to a secure and nurturing environment 

  • Should be enabled through stimulation and learning

  • Have spiritual, moral, social, creative and cultural needs that should be acknowledged and met

  • Should enjoy opportunities, have responsibilities and the necessary experiences to prepare them for formal education

  • Should be guided towards establishing self-worth, acquire self-assertiveness skills and strive to achieve

  • Should be coached for integration into mainstream society

  • Have carers, educators and therapists who strive towards  the children's optimal well-being, value diversity and difference


The project was developed on an eight-pillar service model:

  • day care services,

  • 24-hour care,

  • parent counselling,

  • support groups,

  • care giver training,

  • respite services,

  • step-down services, and

  • a disability-child line.


It envisioned providing a facility where parents, family and carers receive support and guidance to become self-assured and comfortable with meeting the challenges of rearing a child with special needs.