As with any young child, education is of utmost importance – and perhaps more so for learners with special educational needs.


Over decades this organization has invested in special education through facilitating parents to create pre-school facilities from which a number of special schools have developed. Sponsorships to these schools are annually budgeted for and monies allocated, should the funds be available.


The relationship between the organization and the schools concerned, is manifested in the number of educators serving in the organisation’s governance board and the continuous membership of educators from these schools.


In South Africa the system of special education is still applied. However, the philosophy of inclusive education has been researched, policy documents published and several conferences held on the topic. It seems possible that inclusive education may be the future way to go.


Alma School for learners with Severe Learning Disabilities: Eloffsdal


Filadelfia Secondary School for learners with Hearing, Sight & Mobility Disabilities : Soshanguve


New Hope Primary & Secondary School for Learners with Learning & Mobility Disabilities: Ashley Gardens



Pretoria School for learners with Cerebral Palsy: Prinshof


Unica School for Learners with Autism: Ashley Gardens