SPD strives to recruit and place unemployed people with disabilities in employment to realize their employment objective.


Disability recruiting and placement differs from other forms of placement because it is unfamiliar territory for most employers. The challenge is to change preconceived attitudes and perceptions by educating employers before they consider offering positions to disabled persons. To achieve this, disability sensitisation programs (when required) for the employers, line managers and potential colleagues is essential, this way everyone is set up for success.


The first step many organisations take, wrongly, is to identify a post that can be filled by a disabled person (or create a new one). This is a condescending approach and in most cases is headed for failure.


People with disabilities capable of competing in the open labour market are placed when positions become available. This service provided by SPD endeavors to enhance economic independence and contribute to the Gauteng North community. Instead of people with disabilities being dependent on disability grants - it is our contribution to turning tax users into tax payers.


Interview with a Job Seeker

Sign Language interpreting for a deaf work seeker