In 2005 SPD established an independent living centre for people with disabilities. Initially, seven independent units were built. Currently though the Nonyane Independent Living Centre (ILC) consists of eleven units, with potential expansion in the near future.


The ILC is a unique concept (a first in South Africa) whereby people with disabilities own or rent a living unit, manage their own lives, go about their personal programmes and live by their own rules. In 2009 a supervision service was made available with the following tasks assigned:

  • Support to residents & involvement as required   

  • Communicate with parents & families when necessary

  • Administer prescribed medication

  • Organize social events

  • Supervise domestic services

  • Mobilize general maintenance services

  • Maintain surrounding gardens & entrance

  • Monitor security services

Supervision service undoubtedly added value to the lives of residents and comforted parents. Although their children are living privately and independently, they are not left without assistance when needed. Nonyane ILC became a great stepping stone for integration of residents into society.


Not all people with disabilities CAN reside in the main stream communities;


Not all people with disabilities WANT to live with their parents or in a residential home.


Nonyane ILC prioritizes an atmosphere of independence, but with the support and care of neighbours, families, friends & the supervisor. Healthy relations are always to be treasured.


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