Over decades organisations in the field of disabilities established protective workshops for persons with disabilities. SPD had itself participated in that venture with creating five protective workshops between 1951-1986.


However, a perspective developed that protective workshops did not contribute to independence but rather enhanced exclusion.

In 2010 SPD in partnership with Dynamic Artistic Solutions, a company fabricating cornices , established a different form of workshop on SPD’s premises. Persons with disabilities were appointed and trained in specific skills and were remunerated according to their production. Some found it difficult to accept their performance would determine their payment and choose to stay dependent on their disability grant. But many workers grasped the concept and performed as any other employee in the industry. They registered with SARS, declined their disability grant and when ready were transferred to actual factory.


This was a major achievement, proving that most people with disabilities can work inclusively along other employees and perform as well.


Employees working in the workshop

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