The foundation of developmental progress of any one of SPD’s clients is mainly based on intensive intervention of a rehabilitative nature.


SPD’s rehabilitation consists mainly of occupational- and physiotherapy for residents of the independent living centre, as well as the children attending the child care project.   Therapists visit these projects on a regular basis to demonstrate and train caregivers on the activities planned for all service consumers individually, as well as in group format. Implemented physiotherapy programs are monitored and evaluated  on a weekly basis, in order to ensure that  the best treatment are available.


Rehabilitation services come at great costs and SPD is forced to creatively, but effectively avail these essential therapies. In co-operation with Alma School, SPD ensures quality rehabilitation services performed by experts in the field. For the past three years, SPD made use of the rehabilitation team of Alma School, which proved to be an excellent arrangement for both the school and the organization.


SPD prides itself in the international relations it has with various European tertiary institutes. The agreement is that occupational- and physiotherapy students do part of their practical internship at SPD. The students gain valuable experience in the disability field, whilst the organization is in the privileged position of presenting additional rehabilitation services free of cost to service consumers. The students work at local schools, organizations and SPD projects and are supervised, monitored and evaluated throughout their placement at SPD.

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SPD also has a part time nursing service available, constantly monitoring health indicators and medications.


Physical therapists at work in “Little ABLE’s”