Reakgona Training Project


The training takes the form of:

  • Social skills training to enhance personal relationships and skills training for job applications.

  • Providing a disability awareness training programme at SPD for employers and potential colleagues.

  • Computer literacy and office practise courses prepare candidates for successful job placement.

Courses are provided by SPD on our premises.


In 2010 SPD initiated a computer training project - The Reakgona Computer Training Project.  The project trains small classes of 6 students from the Gauteng disadvantaged communities over a 3 month period. During this time the students are given extensive practical use of Microsoft Office products - Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook. The students are also taught how to use the internet effectively.


Training in job seeking and interview techniques is also provided in order to ensure that the students will be able to assist themselves in procuring a job to match their newly learned skills.


Sponsorships for this course, in the  form of cash donations or assistance with stationery such as printer cartridges is always appreciated.