Gauteng North Services to People with Disability

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Situated in Prinshof in the vicinity of Tshwane District & Steve Biko hospitals & neigbour to the National Zoological Gardens SA Governed by a 12 member Governance Board where 46 employees annually impact on the lives of almost 6000 service consumers.

The 4,2h premises is maintained to provide a base where residents & staff are safe & the needed services rendered from where daily miracles are a very usual happening.

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- Governance Board members at the 24th February 2022 Budget Meeting.

- GNSPD office management held their annual Strategic Planning session in Potchefstroom at a lovely guesthouse of a former fundraiser of the organisation. Besides working on management principles, social media marketing, time management, staff motivation & problem solving, sectional objectives were presented, approved & the budget for 2022 – 2023 under leadership of the Honorary Treasurer, were compiled.

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Our Services

Child Care

“Little ABLE’s” Children’s Sanctuary seeks to holistically tend to the special educational and rehabilitative needs of the children with a multidisciplinary team approach to facilitate their development.

Social Development

The primary focus of social development services is to render generic social work services by improving the livelihoods of vulnerable groups, including people with disabilities in the eleven demarcated areas within Tshwane North region.

Housing and Care

Independent living is a philosophy of people with disabilities having self-determination, equal opportunities & acknowledgement - NONYANE (Little Birds) INDEPENDENT LIVING CENTRE

Accessibility and Mobility Audit

With a constitutional objective to ensure access & mobility for persons with disabilities, the organization is committed to access audits of structures & buildings


The Artista Arts & Crafts group was established enabling people with disabilities to participate in a weekly class where multiple craft activities take place.

Sensitivity Training

A representative team visits work places to create understanding & awareness of disability Including students at various colleges & universities